Alghanim Marine

500EOZC Com Gen.


Engine features:
  • Engine is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II compliant
  • One-side serviceability of fuel system, lubrication system, and air cleaner


Generator features:
  • 90°C/50°F prime power rated
  • Class H insulation with tropical overcoat
  • 12-lead reconnectable alternator
  • The generator complies with NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI standards for temperature rise.
  • The alternator uses a permanent-magnet excitation system.
  • The alternator has a two-thirds pitch stator and skewed rotor.
  • The generator has a solid-state, volts-per-hertz voltage regulator.
  • The brushless, synchronous generator is broadrange and reconnectable.
  • The windings have a tropical insulation suited for harsh environments. The tropical insulation consists of an epoxy overcoat which provides additional abrasion resistance and protection for use in high-humidity marine environments.
  • The generator sustains short-circuit current up to 300% of the rated current for up to 10 seconds.


Hertz: 60 Hz
Generator weights and dimensions  
Length: 2725 mm (107.37 in.)
Width: 1223 mm (48.19 in.)
Height: 1699 mm (66.93 in.)
Weight, wet: 3128 kg (6896 lbs)
EPA Tier Level: 2


Generator Controls

Decision-Maker(R) 3+ 


  • Remote connection/extension harness
  • Oil level indicator


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